Parent Seminars

Many parents are confused about the myriad of health and nutrition messages they are exposed to in the media. Our nutrition workshops highlights the vital role parents play in encouraging and enabling healthy eating behaviours in their children.

The food offered at home can have a huge impact on children’s learning, energy levels, behaviour and mental health. The Biting Truth will cut through the confusion and provide clear and concise information to empower parents to have the confidence to nourish their whole family. 

The Biting Truth’s nutrition seminars help parents understand the dietary pressures facing young children and what strategies they can use to encourage optimal nutrition.

Popular topics:

  • Raising Healthy Eaters
  • Tips & Tricks for Fussy Eating
  • Introduction to Solids
  • The Importance of Good Gut Health for Kids
  • Lunchbox Nutrition
  • Nutrition for Growing Teens

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