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We’re Anna and Alex, the smiling duo behind The Biting Truth.

We’re Accredited Practicing Dietitians and trust us, we worked hard to earn these credentials and continue to keep up to date with the latest nutrition science so you can be certain that the information we provide is credible and 100% backed by science.

We work with businesses, schools and childcares to create tailored nutrition programs. We are regular guests in the media and have been on air experts for Channel 7’s Sunday Night Program, Channel 9’s A Current Affair and Channel 10 News. We also appear regularly across radio, online and print publications.

COVID-19 Corporate Wellbeing Programs

The Biting Truth has adapted our workplace health and wellbeing initiatives to be COVID-19 responsible and inclusive. We are able to offer all of our sessions virtually and in person.

Here are our nutrition wellness activities you might be interested in:

  • Nutrition Webinar
  • Healthy Eating Workplace Challenge
  • Virtual Cooking Class
  • Telehealth Nutrition Consultations
  • Resources for Employees

Our Clients

Healthy Eating Workplace Challenge

The Healthy Eating Workplace Challenge is a science-based 4 week program designed to motivate your employees to improve their health by harnessing the power of good nutrition.

The challenge covers key nutrition pillars to help boost energy, vitality, immunity, performance and reduce disease risk. It includes an introductory nutrition webinar covering the essentials to good nutrition, followed by a 4-week program delivered online to encourage employees to improve their dietary behaviours.

Flexitarian Cookbook

Looking to transition over to a more plant-based diet? Want healthy and easy recipes?

The Flexitarian cookbook contains a huge selection of simple, delicious & nourishing recipes.

It also includes meal plans and nutrition tips to optimising your health.

It will help you eat more plants, build healthy new habits, improve your energy levels, digestion and overall health.

High School Nutrition Workshops

Our team of dietitians can come to your school and conduct a nutrition workshop for your students. All sessions are engaging, practical and designed to empower young people to make changes to their lifestyle and feel confident about their bodies.

Childcare Nutrition Support

We are leading providers for holistic nutrition support for childcare centres around Australia.

Lead the way in childhood nutrition and positively impact the health and wellbeing of children in your care by working with our specialist team of dietitians.

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