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Anna Debenham
Accredited Practising Dietitian, Co-founder of The Biting Truth.

Anna is a highly sought after guest speaker and media nutritionist. Anna is a guest lecturer at The University of Sydney and provides regular comment for Triple J’s Hack program as well as other media and publications.

Alex Parker
Accredited Practising Dietitian, Co-founder of The Biting Truth.

Alongside her passion for corporate nutrition, Alex has a keen interest in working with parents to provide inspiration for nourishing their family. Alex has featured as part of Channel 7’s Sunday Night program and A Current Affair and provides regular commentary for some of Australia’s largest publications.

The Biting Truth Nutrition Podcast


Dietitian’s Anna and Alex from The Biting Truth bring you a weekly podcast covering all things you want to know about food and nutrition. This podcast breaks through the confusion giving you nutrition you can trust.

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Toddler Eating Habits: What Changes & Why

Toddler Eating Habits: What Changes & Why

  Speak to any parent of a toddler and they’ll agree that at some point after turning 1 - whether it’s 18 months or closer to 2 years - one of their child’s most used words becomes ‘no’ and it often comes hand in hand with a change in their eating habits. While...

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Microwave Meals: Are They Actually Healthy?

Microwave Meals: Are They Actually Healthy?

  It’s no secret that we are huge fans of home cooking.   There's nothing quite like spending an afternoon in the kitchen, prepping fresh ingredients for nourishing meals to enjoy throughout the week. However, life can often throw curveballs our way!  ...

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6 Foods That Are Negatively Impacting Your Sleep

6 Foods That Are Negatively Impacting Your Sleep

While we often discuss the foods that promote a good night's sleep, we tend to overlook foods that could be sabotaging our sleep. Certain foods act as stimulants, contain additives or affect fluid balance and hydration that can interfere with sleep. Let's delve into...

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