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The Biting Truth are a team of trusted workplace wellness consultants and Accredited Practising Dietitians. Anna and Alex have a no-nonsense, science based approach to nutrition and wellness and a natural ability to translate complex science into simple, everyday messages. Anna and Alex are regular guests in the media and appear across TV, radio, online and print publications. They also run a successful Instagram account @thebitingtruth.

We work with businesses to design bespoke workplace wellness and corporate nutrition programs. Our corporate nutrition programs are designed to effectively educate and empower employees to make and maintain sustainable, healthy lifestyle choices and behaviours. This enables them to succeed both professionally and personally due to increased energy, productivity, resilience and overall health and wellbeing.

COVID-19 Offering

The Biting Truth has adapted our workplace health and wellbeing initiatives to be COVID-19 responsible and inclusive. We are able to offer all of our sessions virtually and in person.

Here are our nutrition wellness activities you might be interested in:

  • Nutrition Webinar
  • Healthy Eating Workplace Challenge
  • Virtual Cooking Class
  • Telehealth Nutrition Consultations
  • Resources for Employees
Corporate wellness

Nutrition Keynotes

The Biting Truth’s team of dietitians are highly regarded within the industry for delivering powerful nutrition keynotes.

Our keynote presentations are as entertaining as they are educational and it is this combination that makes them memorable and impactful. We break down the latest nutritional science and provide practical tips to help your employees to achieve optimal wellbeing.


  • Location: on site at your workplace or online via a webinar
  • Time: 30 minute to 60 minute sessions available
  • Popular keynote topics:
    • Nutrition for Optimal Wellbeing
    • Gut Health Masterclass
    • Thriving on a Flexitarian Diet
    • Mood & Food: The Link Explained
Corporate wellness
Corporate wellness

3 Part Nutrition Webinar Series

This webinar series is educational, interactive and practical. The Biting Truth’s dietitians deliver evidence-based nutrition information in an easily digestible way. Your employees can watch this from anywhere at anytime and recordings are made available following the webinar for 30 days.


  • 3 x 45 minute live or pre-recorded webinars, including Q&A
  • Session 1: Eating for Optimal Performance, Energy & Wellbeing
    • What you eat impacts performance, energy, hormones and general wellbeing. This webinar covers what your employees should be eating to feel their best and perform optimally.
  • Session 2: Eating for a Happy & Healthy Gut
    • Our gut health is intrinsic to your overall health and is thought to be where many health issues may originate. This webinar covers nutrition for the gut, the gut brain axis, stress and the gut and causes of poor digestive health.
  • Session 3: Eating Out, Alcohol, Caffeine & Treats
    • This webinars explores how you can include alcohol, caffeine and treats as part of a healthy, balanced diet. It provides the best options when eating at a restaurant.

For more information on our 3 part nutrition webinar series, please contact us at info@thebitingtruth.com or complete the form below.

Corporate wellness
Corporate wellness

Healthy Eating Workplace Challenge

The Biting Truth’s Healthy Eating Workplace Challenge is a fun, one of a kind challenge designed to motivate your employees to improve their health by harnessing the power of good nutrition. 

Following an introductory keynote presentation, employees will receive a weekly email with all the tools, resources and content they need to be inspired and motivated to make changes. Each week, employees will receive a mini weekly challenge that will lead them towards better overall health. Over the course of four weeks, employees will feel supported and motivated via online tools and resources as well as ongoing encouragement from our team of dietitians.

For more information on our Healthy Eating Workplace Challenge, click this link.

Corporate wellness
corporate nutrition

Virtual Cooking Class

Healthy cooking demonstrations are a great way to involve your employees in a fun, entertaining and informative session. Our dietitians will cook nutritious and delicious recipes and provide running commentary and discussion to engage the audience with reliable and practical advice. Employees will learn easy cooking tips and tricks they can do at home and gather advice around portion sizes, nutrients and weight loss.

Popular themes for cooking demonstrations include:

  • Quick & Easy Breakfasts
  • Meal Prep Ideas
  • Healthy Homemade Snacks
  • Quick & Easy Dinner Ideas (recipe options provided upon request)
  • Learn to Make Your Own Sauerkraut

All attendees will receive recipe cards to accompany the cooking demonstration.

For more information on our Virtual Cooking Classes, complete the form below.

Corporate wellness

Private Dietitian Coaching

Offering onsite or virtual nutrition coaching for your employees in the workplace increases access and removes the barrier of hoping employees seek out services in their own time.

Our Dietitians have extensive experience supporting time poor, busy professionals to make sustainable changes to their health and wellbeing. We can help employees discover their internal motivation and develop individualised strategies for overcoming barriers to make healthy changes. The Biting Truth’s private nutrition coaching sessions are designed to increase energy, improve body composition, improve performance and decrease the risk of disease.

Each coaching session includes an individualised plan, personal strategies and practical tools as well as a pre-consultation questionnaire and a post-consultation report.


  • Location: on-site at workplace or online.
  • Time: 25 minute private consultations.
  • What else: includes online pre-consultation questionnaire, post-consultation nutrition report, healthy food samples, tailored meal plans and recipe ideas.


Corporate wellness
corporate nutrition

Nutrition Booths

The Biting Truth can join your team event or office and set up an interactive health display that directly engages teams. The health booth includes a range of healthy food samples for employees, nutrition resources, interactive nutrition displays and recipe cards. 

Employees will have the opportunity to visit the booth and speak one-on-one with a dietitian giving them ample opportunities to ask personal nutrition related questions. Nutrition booths can be set up on site at your workplace and also work very well if you are organising an offsite or a conference. 

  • Location: on site at your workplace. 
  • Duration: 2 hours – 4 hours
  • Resources: resources, cooking demonstrations, food samples and recipes provided.
Corporate wellness
corporate nutrition

Online Nutrition Content

Nutritional resources are a great way to provide information to your employees in a visually appealing and engaging way. Whether it be video content, meal plans, articles or downloadable guides, The Biting Truth are experts in developing motivating nutritional resources that can be distributed amongst your employees. We can work with you to tailor the content of the resources or provide resources that align with the key health dates such as heart health, diabetes prevention and gut health.

We can work with you to determine the best types of resources for your employees. Some examples include:

  • Meal plans
  • Healthy recipes
  • Nutrition articles
  • Nutrition videos
Corporate wellness
corporate nutrition

Video Snippets

Our Clients

Why Invest In Your Employees Health & Wellbeing?

Our busy and fast paced lifestyle does not always permit healthy eating and regular exercise.

An investment in the health of your employees is money well spent. A nutrition wellness program from The Biting Truth can result in:

  • Greater staff retention
  • Improved workplace morale
  • Decreased absentee days
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased quality of work

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Yes, we have adapted all of our services so they can be delivered online or in person. Please enquire for further information.

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Our most popular session is our Nutrition Keynote on ‘Healthy Eating Hacks for Optimal Wellbeing’. This session can be delivered virtually or in person.

Our Healthy Eating Workplace Challenge is also extremely popular and affordable regardless of the size of your team.

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All our sessions are conducted by Accredited Practising Dietitians. You will usually get either Anna or Alex (The Biting Truth Co-Founders) presenting.

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While wellness programs have the greatest impact when they’re a regular part of life at work, we have many amazing clients that are working with small wellness budgets, or already have an awesome wellness program that they need to supplement! We offer a selection of sessions that work well as a single workshop. Please reach out via email to request more information or book in a session.

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We sure do! Our 4 week Healthy Eating Workplace Challenge is based on the latest nutritional science to boost energy levels, performance and overall health and wellbeing. For more information click here or send us an email.

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We offer a wide selection of corporate nutrition services and are also able to design spoke programs to meet your business’ needs.

Some of our services include:

  • Nutrition seminars & webinars
  • Healthy Eating Workplace Challenge
  • Private dietitian consultations
  • Cooking classes

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