Dietitian Anna Debenham

Anna-Jane Debenham: Dietitian & Nutritionist
Bachelor of Science (University of Sydney)
Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics (University of Sydney)
Accredited Practising Dietitian

Anna is a dietitian and Co-founder of nutrition consulting business, The Biting Truth. Anna has worked across both industry and private practice dietetics settings, helping individuals achieve optimised health through good nutrition. Anna believes that nutrition is a fundamental consideration for any business that produces, markets, promotes or sells food. Anna also has experience working for startups in the health space with a strong record of growing engaged customer networks. Anna loves food and truly understands the importance of an individualised approach to healthy eating, having personally had to adapt her diet in order to accommodate food intolerances. Anna believes that food is medicine and has a keen interest in corporate nutrition, digital marketing, diabetes management, childhood and adolescence nutrition and allergies and intolerances. Anna grew up on the beaches so if she’s not in the surf, you will find her attempting headstands at her local yoga studio or snapping up a good find at the local markets. You mightn’t’ve have picked it but Anna has an exceptional sweet tooth, which she has simply learned to control over the years, whilst treating herself occasionally of course!

Dietitian Alex Parker

Alexandra Parker: Nutritionist/Dietitian
Bachelor of Science (University of Sydney)
Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics (University of Sydney)
Accredited Practising Dietitian
Accredited Sports Dietitian

Alex is a dietitian and Co-founder of The Biting Truth. Alex’s inspiration to become a dietitian stems from her desire to educate individuals on how to develop and maintain a healthy balanced diet using wholesome but readily available foods. She has worked in both the hospital setting as a clinical dietitian and in private practice helping individuals to achieve optimal health and wellbeing through a balanced and sustainable approach to nutrition. Alex has a special interest in paediatric nutrition and been involved with the NSW Government project Go4Fun as a Nutrition Leader and is an ambassador for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Program. She is an Accredited Sports Dietitian and has worked with a number of sporting teams including Sydney University AFL and various school rowing clubs. Alex has been featured as a dietitian in Channel 7’s Sunday Night program. Alex loves to run and this year ticked the full marathon off her bucket list. Three foods she can’t live without are pineapples, sushi and lentils.

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