While we often discuss the foods that promote a good night’s sleep, we tend to overlook foods that could be sabotaging our sleep. Certain foods act as stimulants, contain additives or affect fluid balance and hydration that can interfere with sleep. Let’s delve into these six surprising sleep disruptors:


1. Chips

Indulging in salty snacks like chips late at night whilst delicious, isn’t the wisest choice. Chips are very high in salt which can dehydrate the body and lead to water retention, resulting in tiredness and fatigue.


2. Chocolate

Despite its deliciousness, chocolate contains caffeine, making it a poor choice for late-night snacking. Consuming caffeine during sleep can increase rapid eye movement (REM) stages, leaving you feeling groggy the next morning.


3. Spicy Curry

While tempting, especially if you’re dining out, spicy foods like curries and laksas contain high levels of capsaicin which can raise body temperature and therefore impact sleep quality and alertness.


4. Tea

Opting for tea instead of wine, soft drinks, or coffee in the evening may seem like a healthier choice, but beware of its caffeine content. Black and green teas can contain up to 60mg of caffeine per serving, potentially disrupting your sleep cycle.


5. Icecream

Although a popular dessert, ice cream’s high sugar content can lead to rapid fluctuations in blood glucose levels, spiking adrenaline and making it challenging to fall asleep.


6. Deep fried foods

While a tempting late-night meal, heavy fried foods like chicken schnitzel and fries can cause indigestion, best avoided before bedtime.


The Bottom Line

Your pre-bedtime food choices significantly impact sleep quality. By steering clear of these six culprits in the evening, you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the day ahead. Prioritise your sleep by making mindful decisions about what you eat before hitting the hay.