High School Nutrition Programs

Our high school nutrition programs focus on positive food and lifestyle habits and their impact on sleep, energy, mental health and wellbeing. Anna and Alex have a science based, balanced and moderate approach when it comes to nutrition and overall well being. 

All sessions are engaging and practical and designed to empower young people to make changes to their lifestyle. We offer workshops and presentations for small class sizes and whole year groups depending on your needs and preferences. 

High School Nutrition Workshops

We offer a range of different types of sessions, here are some of our most popular:

Year 7/8: Healthy Eating to Fuel the Brain & the Body 

This session translates the science of healthy eating into easy to understand information for students. It specifically highlights how important good nutrition is during early adolescence to fuel the brain and body to become the best versions of themselves. This session includes an interactive component and covers the following: 

  • Essential nutrients that growing bodies require to function optimally
  • How to build a balanced breakfast, lunch and dinner with examples
  • How to choose healthy snacks along with practical examples
  • Understanding portion sizes 
  • The low down on sugar, including the difference between added and natural sugars and how to reduce added sugars in the diet
  • How to read a nutrition label


Year 9/10: Nutrition for Teenagers 

This session has a focus on separating nutrition fact from fiction and highlights the need for students to be skeptical about what they read and hear in the media. It is so important teens do not get swept up in the abundance of nutrition fads and that they eat to support their bodies and changing hormones. This session includes an interactive component and covers the following: 

  • How to eat healthy, without cutting any foods out of your diet
  • How your diet impacts your metabolism, hormones, skin, hair and energy levels
  • The relationship between sleep, exercise and diet on immunity and mood 
  • How to spot nutrition red flags in the media and recognise myths, FADs as well as celebrity and social media endorsements 
  • The importance of mindful eating and how this can improve digestion and reduce stress levels 
  • Eating to support optimal gut functioning and the impact this has on overall health


Year 11/12: Optimising HSC Performance Through Nutrition 

Good nutrition underpins physical and mental performance and is essential for students embarking on their HSC. This session will explore key nutrients in food and students will learn how certain foods can help to improve their energy levels and boost mental performance. This session includes an interactive component and covers the following: 

  • Surviving and thriving during the HSC by choosing the right foods
  • How foods impact your memory and concentration 
  • Snacks to fuel the brain 
  • Eating to boost your immunity
  • How alcohol and caffeine affect the body
  • Food trends and myth busting

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The costs vary depending on your location, number of students and how many sessions you are booking in.

For a quote, contact info@thebitingtruth.com.

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All our staff are Accredited Practising Dietitians.

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Yes! We offer nutrition sessions for students from years 7 to 12. All sessions are specifically tailored to ensure it is age appropriate.

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We bring all the equipment and resources that are needed for the workshop, so all we ask you to organise is a space for our to conduct the sessions!

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