Did you know children who eat breakfast are more likely to meet their daily nutritional requirements for growth and development. It’s the meal that fuels the beginning of the day ahead. After a rejuvenating night’s sleep, the brain and the body need fuel to operate optimally.

But keeping up with easy breakfast ideas for your kids throughout the week is no easy feat.

We’ve got you covered with these 6 super easy options for mid week breakfasts that your kids will actually eat!


1. Breakfast Egg Muffins

Egg Muffin

Packed with protein and fibre, these breakfast egg muffins can be made in advance which means there is literally no prep to be done in the morning.

These muffins are a great way to get some extra veggies in early. It’s interesting how as adults we’ve adopted cultural norms in terms of what is ‘appropriate’ to eat at breakfast. For many of us, veggies unfortunately don’t make the cut at breakfast very often. Good news – you’re kids don’t necessarily have the same views so offering them veggies first thing is a great way to help them reach their 5 a day!

You can find this recipe here.


2. Smoothies

Smoothie Bowl

Smoothies can be a great option, especially for fussy eaters. For kids breakfast smoothies, there’s a couple of non-negotiables when it comes to ingredients. The addition of some protein ideally from milk and some plain Greek yoghurt will ensure your child feels satisfied throughout the morning. And just because it’s a drink, don’t skimp on wholegrain carbohydrates – add in 1/4 cup of oats or even 1-2 weet-bix! Depending on their age, children need maximum 2 serves of fruit daily so don’t go overboard on fruit, especially if your child is likely to snack on fruit during the day. Smoothies can be a great way to sneak in some veggies too!

Try this delicious 5 minute smoothie recipe.


3. Wholegrain cereal with milk and fruit

Don’t underestimate the value of a high fibre cereal in the morning. A bowl of wholegrain cereal with milk and topped off with some fresh fruit and you’ve got an easy, delicious breakfast option for your kids. Of course, not all cereals are created equal so it’s worth checking out this article where we recommend how to choose a good one and some of the better ones on the market.


4. Bircher Muesli

Bircher Muesli

Another fabulous recipe that can be prepared ahead of time. If your child has a sweet tooth, this one is guaranteed to go down well and don’t worry it is not laden with added sugars.

Bircher muesli is essentially wholegrain oats combined with Greek yoghurt, milk and fruit. Left overnight to soak up all the flavours, it’s a creamy, high protein option that will be ready for your child to eat in a matter of minutes.

You can find our yummy bircher muesli recipe here.


5. Pancakes


Gone are the days of unhealthy pancakes. It’s so easy to whip up a batch from scratch that your kids will love and they’re packed with healthy nutritiously rich ingredients!

These can also be made ahead of time if you realistically won’t have time to make them in the morning.

You can find the recipe for these higher protein pancakes here.


6. Boiled eggs on toast


Do you associate eggs with a gourmet cafe breakfast? You might feel you’re too time poor for eggs midweek, however, they are actually a really easy option to whip up in a matter of minutes for a really filling, nutritious breakfast. You can even meal prep a bunch of boiled eggs at the beginning of the week and your kid can then enjoying them for breakfast before school on toast.

Eggs can go a long way towards your child’s protein and iron requirements for the day.



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