One thing Covid-19 has demonstrated is how important our health is.

With Covid-19 and being in the midst of winter, both employers and employees are under an extra amount of stress. Stress can have an undesirable effect on your immune system and overall health and wellbeing. The chances of calling in sick are likely to be higher than ever this year.

The good news is that by making your employee’s health and wellbeing a company priority you can boost their health and strengthen their immune health.

Why not make employee health a top company objective by holding some wellness activities during Women’s Health Week this year (7th – 11th September 2020).

Here are some workplace wellness ideas for you:


1. Hold a nutrition webinar

Present your employees with practical nutrition information and realistic strategies on ways to improve their diet.

The Biting Truth’s team of dietitians are experts in translating complex science into easy to understand messages. Host a Nutrition Webinar during Women’s health week to support your female employees in understanding how they can nourish their bodies to fuel performance and optimise energy levels.


2. Take part in an office step challenge

Regular exercise can help reduce stress, enhance energy levels and employee absenteeism. Why not introduce an office step challenge! Bringing out your employees’ competitive nature is a great way for the team to bond while also getting them to move around a bit more.


3. Run a healthy eating workplace challenge

Healthy Eating Challenges are another great way to support the health and wellbeing of your employees in an engaging and interactive way.

The Biting Truth’s Healthy Eating Challenge is a 4-week corporate program designed to motivate your employees to improve their health by harnessing the power of good nutrition. The challenge begins with a live 45-minute nutrition webinar followed by 4 weeks of online content and weekly challenges. Employees will feel motivated especially given there are prizes to be won!


4.Go live and do a cook off together

A new and exciting way to virtually connect with employees is via a live virtual cook off!

Once a fortnight, employees can take turns to pick a favourite healthy meal or snack and virtually cook this recipe with other team members. Not only can this increase everyone’s healthy recipe repertoire, it is also a chance for co-workers to let off some steam!

The Biting Truth also run virtual cooking classes, for more information contact us here.


5. Do a virtual yoga session

The meditative and deep breathing aspects of yoga have been proven to have a multitude of health benefits; increased energy, mental clarity and sharpened concentration.

Holding a 10-minute morning yoga session for your employees can be a calming and effective way for them to start their morning before they jump into busy day of work.



  • Check out our full list corporate nutrition services here.
  • This article was co-authored by The Biting Truth’s intern, Anneliese Garber and Alex and Anna, founders of The Biting Truth.