Ted talks on health

We are huge fans of ted talks and often turn here for insight and inspiration when writing blog posts. We’ve compiled a list of five of our favourite ted talks on health, food and nutrition, which inspired us and we hope will inspire you!


1. Teach every child about food – Jamie Oliver

What comes to your mind when we say the biggest cause of death? Accidents? Homicides? “Diet-related diseases is the biggest killer” says Jamie Oliver, our beloved celebrity chef listed as the second Most Influential British Entrepreneurs by Richtopia. In this engaging talk, we are confronted with the reality that diabetes and health issues do not only adversely affect the individual, but everyone around them. However, everyone’s individual effort can help solve this problem; simply by educating our children about food and inspiring families to cook for each other again.


2. Power foods for the brain – Neal Bernard

Through a powerful and emotional personal story, Dr Neal Barnard reveals the effect of certain foods on the brain and memory. He presents the research that illustrates how simply eating more of certain foods such as vegetables, nuts and anything with colour can greatly improve an individual’s memory and brain health. This inspiring speech further reinforces that reversing brain shrinkage can be as easy as walking briskly for 40 minutes, 3 times a week.


 3. Carrots and cupcakes, Healthy eating made simple – Niki Bezzant

Which one is healthier? A carrot or a cupcake? At first this answer appears obvious, the carrot. However what if the carrot contained more sugar than the cupcake? What if the cupcake was paleo, gluten-free and fat-free? Then the answer becomes much more complicated. Niki Bezzant, the editor-in-chief of Healthy Food Guide, provides 6 simple points of healthy eating and living. The underlying concept behind these guidelines of eating, is moderation. To our relief, we learn how both carrots and cupcakes can be consumed in our diet in a healthy manner.


4. The surprisingly dramatic role of nutrition in mental health – Julia Rucklidge

We all know that our food and nutritional choices affect our physical health and body significantly, but what about our mental health? Julia Rucklidge, a Professor of Clinical Psychology, highlights the appalling rise of mental illnesses in the past decades and that nutrition is playing a larger role in this than we think. This talk compels us to accept the undeniable relationship between dietary patterns and mental health to reinforce just how much nutrition matters.


 5. Eat for a real change – Joanna Mcmillan

This inspirational TedTalk explores the wide range of popular diets over the past decade and reinforces the conflicting views of what it means to be healthy. As a result we are increasingly being confused about what consists of a healthy diet. Dr Mcmillan intriguingly explains that the solution to our food confusion lies simply in our attitude; we need to respect and love our food again. To achieve real change, we must abandon the diet words and to take pleasure in our wholefoods. Dr Mcmillan ends her speech convincingly with “Above all, we absolutely must eat with joy.”