As a parent, you’re likely all too familiar with the challenge of getting your toddler to eat their vegetables.

While it might seem like an uphill battle, we’re here to reassure and motivate you to keep offering.

But remember, there’s not just one way to offer vegetables and sometimes we might get stuck in a cycle of offering the same types in the same form every day.

Check out these simple but creative ways that you can make veggies a little more exciting and enticing for your child.


1. Veggie-Infused Smoothies

Blend up a tasty smoothie packed with the addition of some veggies. Combine frozen spinach or even a bit of avocado with fruits like bananas/berries/mango, add some yoghurt and milk. Better still, get your child to help you add these ingredients and blend up the smoothie. The vibrant colours and sweet taste will make it hard for your toddler to resist.


2. Veggie Dips

Kids love dipping! Offer a variety of veggie sticks (carrots, cucumbers, capsicum) alongside tasty dips like hummus or a yoghurt-based dip like tzatziki. The act of dipping can make veggies more enjoyable.


3. Mini Veggie Pizzas

Use wholemeal Lebanese bread or English muffins as the base, and let your toddler assemble their own mini veggie pizzas. Provide an array of colorful toppings like cherry tomatoes, corn, capsicum and some grated zucchini.


4. Veggie Fritters or Pancakes

Create delicious fritters or pancakes using grated veggies like zucchini, carrots, or sweet potatoes. These savoury treats are easy to hold and can be enjoyed as a finger food. If you need some recipes to add to your repertoire, our Little Bites program has you covered with 100s of recipes to suit everyone.


5. Vegetable Noodles

Mix in spiralled vegetable noodles with your child’s spaghetti. Zucchini, sweet potatoes, and carrots can be turned into “noodles” and paired with their favourite sauce.


6. Veggie Garden

Plant a small indoor herb or veggie garden together. Let your child be involved in watering and tending to the plants. When it’s time to harvest, they’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and curiosity to taste their homegrown veggies.


Bottom Line

Encouraging your toddler to eat vegetables doesn’t have to be a struggle. With a touch of creativity and a dash of patience, you can transform veggies from “yuck” to “yum” in your child’s eyes. Experiment with these fun and imaginative ways to introduce vegetables into their diet, and you might just find your little one embracing the world of nutritious eating with excitement.



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