Healthy Home Office

Can you wrap your head around the fact that WFH (Work From Home) has become the new norm?

Remote or hybrid working is no longer a trend; it’s basically our professional life now.

Your home office should be a powerhouse that not only fires up your motivation but also has your back for overall wellbeing. Keeping up with healthy habits while working from home is a must, especially when it comes to nailing nutrition and lifestyle choices. So, buckle up!

Here are six pro tips on how to set up a healthy home office:


1. Strategic snacking for success

Those in between meal times can be tempting, but planning ahead is the key. Keep healthy snacks readily available, such as pre-cut veggie sticks with hummus, boiled eggs, nuts, muesli bars or chopped fruit. Planning ensures you make nutritious choices without succumbing to pantry desperation.


2. Faux commute for movement

While the lack of a daily commute is a WFH perk, consider incorporating a “faux commute” to add movement to your day and create a mental separation between work and home life. Take a brisk walk or cycle before and after work to boost your physical and mental well-being.


3. Alternative behaviours for procrastination

Combat the common tendency to use food as a procrastination tool by exploring alternative behaviours. Consider listening to a new podcast, doing some house work or taking a short walk around the block to manage boredom without resorting to extra snacking.


4. Lunch staples for efficiency

As the novelty of cooking fresh lunches at home wanes, having reliable staples on hand is essential. Identify three quick lunch options that you can prepare in five minutes and ensure you always have the necessary ingredients in your pantry, fridge, or freezer. Simplify your choices for a quicker and healthier lunch break.


5. Choose your workspace wisely

Your home office setup significantly influences your WFH success. Opt for a spot with ample natural light and fresh air, or enhance the lighting with mirrors. Incorporate greenery or flowers to create a connection to nature, as studies have shown that indoor plants can boost productivity and well-being by 47 percent.


6. Prioritise hydration

In an office, staying hydrated may be easier with cold water taps or bottles of water. Mirror this routine at home by finding a glass or bottle you enjoy using. If plain water isn’t appealing, add fruits, veggies or add some soda to enhance the experience.


Embrace these dietitian-approved tips to create a home office that fosters both your work efficiency and your overall health.



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