Primary School Nutrition Program

Our team of dietitians run hands on and engaging workshops for children. We focus on how foods can improve your brain, muscles, bones and overall health. We incorporate a range of props in all of our sessions to enhance children’s learning experience. 

Our sessions are designed to use a 50% teaching, 50% activity based approach so that we can excite all learning styles and interests. All of our sessions involve food tasting!

School Nutrition Workshops

Our team of dietitians deliver nutrition workshops for children from kindergarten to year six.


  • We offer 30 minute, 60 minute and 90 minute nutrition workshops

Popular Sessions:

  • Learn Your Fruit & Veg Workshop: Children learn the importance of eating fruits and vegetables through a series of fun and interactive games and activities. Children explore new fruits and vegetables using their 5 senses.
  • Healthy Lunchbox: Children learn the components that make up a healthy balanced lunchbox.
  • Plant, Grow & Eat: Children connect with nature and learn about the life cycle of a seed. Children pot edible seeds to take home, nurture, grow and harvest. This hands on learning creates a sense of achievement and is followed by pizza making and decorating with freshly grown ingredients.
  • Sugar Shocker: This session is designed for years 4 to 6 students to learn about the difference between added and natural sugars and their impact on the body. Children learn how to detect foods high in sugar and why these should be limited to sometimes foods.


School Holiday Nutrition Program & After School Care

Looking for healthy activities over the school holidays?

The Biting Truth offers school holiday programs and workshops based around healthy eating. The workshops are designed to be fun, engaging and educational.

It’s about showing kids that healthy can be fun, delicious and easy in a joyful and interactive way.

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The costs vary depending on your location, number of children in a class and how many sessions you are booking in. We offer discounts depending on how many workshops are run in 1 day. For a quote, contact us at info@thebitingtruth.com.

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All our staff are Accredited Practising Dietitians.

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Yes! We have nutrition workshops that have been specifically developed with the different age groups from kindergarten to year 6. All of the sessions are age appropriate and based on the latest nutritional science.

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We bring all the equipment and resources that are needed for the workshop, so all we ask you to organise is a space for our to conduct the sessions!

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