School Canteen Review

The school canteen can provide a large portion of a student’s total dietary intake, and have a significant impact on their health and nutrition. 

The school canteen should reflect the educational goals of the school and support and complement student learning. It is important that parents, teachers and students work together to support a whole-school approach to building a school culture in which students actively choose nutritious foods and a healthy lifestyle.

The Biting Truth’s team of dietitians can review your school canteen and provide feedback and recommendations on how to improve the overall nutritional value of your food offering. We will ensure your canteen meets current government guidelines, while also catering to the needs of students and staff.

School Canteen Reviews

The Biting Truth’s Canteen Reviews involve:

  • Initial meeting with the canteen manager and appropriate people to get a better understanding of the current offering.
  • The Biting Truth will provide an in-depth report that will include a review of the offering and appropriate recommendations, in line with relevant guidelines and recipe suggestions or changes where applicable. 
  • The Biting Truth will provide resources, advice and training to support your school community to successfully implement changes.

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