Toddler Bundle: Fussy Eaters eBook & Raising Healthy Eaters Webinar


  • Raising Healthy Eaters 45 minute webinar recording
  • Fussy Eaters eBook
  • Get 20% discount when purchased together!



Grab the bundle and save 20%.


Fussy Eating eBook includes:

  • Content on what you should be aiming to feed your child
  • How to best feed your toddler without any of the ‘mum-guilt’, constant questioning or feelings of regret
  • Tips to make mealtimes less stressful
  • Tips to encourage your child to eat a wide variety of foods
  • Step-by-step guidelines
  • Snack ideas
  • Strategies to ensure your child is meeting their nutritional requirements
  • Sample toddler menu


What is covered in the 45 minute webinar:

Leading Australian dietitian and Co-Founder of The Biting Truth,  Alex Parker, shares her science-based strategies to help you raise a healthy eater!

  • What is considered normal when it comes to toddler eating?
  • The key to healthy, happy mealtimes
  • Important foods and nutrients for your child
  • Specific foods and product comparisons
  • Strategies to support fussy eating
  • Common questions we receive from families


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