Raising Healthy Eaters Webinar Recording


  • 45 minute webinar recording
  • What to feed your toddler
  • Fussy eating tips
  • How to create positive mealtimes
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Wondering what foods and how much you should be feeding your little one?

Does your toddler show signs of fussy eating?

Do you find mealtimes stressful and frustrating?

Then this webinar is for you!

Leading Australian dietitian and Co-Founder of The Biting Truth,  Alex Parker, shares her science-based strategies to help you raise a healthy eater!

What is covered in the 45 minute recording:

  • What is considered normal when it comes to toddler eating?
  • The key to healthy, happy mealtimes
  • Important foods and nutrients for your child
  • Specific foods and product comparisons
  • Strategies to support fussy eating
  • Common questions we receive from families


  • The webinar is targeted at children over 12 months – 3 years, however, the principles discussed also apply to older children.


By the end of the session you will leave feel confident and reassured when it comes to mealtimes.


About the Speaker:

Alex Parker is an Accredited Practising Dietitian. With the plethora of nutrition information available, Alex is passionate about the science behind nutrition and translating this science into simple and practical strategies to support your family. Alex is passionate about supporting families through the many milestones of childhood – from starting solids, introducing allergenic foods, intolerances, growth failure, fussy eating and gut health.


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