Kids Nutrition

Childhood Nutrition Experts


We are a team of Accredited Practising Dietitians.


We work with childcare centres and schools to ensure children and families have the best possible nutrition support.

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Kids Nutrition Services

Kids Nutrition

Childcare Nutriton Support

  • Menu development & review
  • Allergy & intolerance support
  • Family nutrition support
  • Staff nutrition support
Kids Nutrition

Primary School Workshops

  • Nutrition workshops to align with curriculum
  • After school holiday care
  • Engaging & entertaining
Kids Nutrition

Parent Seminars & Workshops

  • Online or in person
  • Cover wide range of topics and age groups
  • Provide support and increases confidence

Who are we?

The Biting Truth are a team of trusted childhood nutrition consultants and Accredited Practising Dietitians. We have a no-nonsense, science based approach to nutrition and wellness. Anna and Alex are regular guests in the media and appear across TV, radio, online and print publications. They also run a successful Instagram account @thebitingtruth.

We work with early learning centres, primary schools and high schools to design bespoke nutrition programs. Our programs are designed to increased children’s knowledge and understanding about nutrition and healthy eating so they can optimise their long term health and wellness. We support families so they can feel more confident when ti comes to their families health.

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Kids Nutrition Articles

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10 Iron Rich Foods for Toddlers

Iron is essential for growing kids. Read the latest science when it comes to how much iron kids should be having and what foods contain iron.

8 Reasons Your Child Is Not Eating

8 Reasons Your Child Is Not Eating

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5 Ways to Wean Kids off Junk Food

5 Ways to Wean Kids off Junk Food

Kids can get use to a steady diet of junk foods high in sugar and fat. Here’s 5 tips to wean kids off junk food and on to healthier, nutritious foods!

School Lunchbox eBook

  • Over 30 kid-friendly, nutritionally balanced lunch and snack recipes.
  • Step-by-step guideline on how to pack a nutritionally balanced lunchbox.
  • Easy to make recipes, wholesome and simple ingredients.
  • Practical nutrition tips and tricks.